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Baseus Electric Car Wash Spray Gun High Powered Portable Washer Cordless (Black)

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Product information

  • Baseus Electric Car Wash
  • Electric car wash system designed for easy and efficient cleaning of vehicles
  • Provides a convenient and time-saving solution for car washing at home or on-the-go
  • Powered by electricity for consistent and powerful water pressure
  • Offers adjustable water flow and pressure settings to suit different cleaning needs
  • Comes with a handheld nozzle with various spray patterns for versatile cleaning options
  • Features a long hose for extended reach around the vehicle
  • Can be connected to a water source such as a hose or faucet
  • Includes a built-in water filter to prevent debris from clogging the system
  • Offers a compact and portable design for easy storage and transportation
  • Suitable for cleaning cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles
  • Ideal for removing dirt, mud, dust, and grime from the vehicle's exterior
  • Provides a gentle yet effective cleaning solution to maintain the vehicle's paint and finish
  • Offers a convenient alternative to traditional manual car washing methods
  • Perfect for car enthusiasts, homeowners, and anyone who wants a hassle-free car cleaning experience.

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