About Us

The Around Australia, headquartered in Melbourne VIC, was establised in the year 2017, with the goal to provide affordable and reliable products to our customers. Ever since our founding, we have managed to complete over more than 500,000 orders. 

Why Choose Us?

Our mission statement is to provide the best customer satisfaction possible in the online retail industry. We choose to only sell authentic products from reliable manufacturers in order to maintain the high level of expectations we get from our customers. Our passion for online retail has always been the strongest in the industry, gaining over 99% positive reviews in other online marketplaces.

We employ salaried representatives whose primary focus is to know and love our products and our customers. Our reps have at least 4 years of experience in dealing with the products that we offer and they are constantly improving over time, with product training exercises conducted on a weekly basis. 


Fastest Growing Company in Australia

The Around Australia is honoured to be one of the fastest growing privately owned online retail store in Australia and because of this, manufacturers such as SanDisk, Kingston Technologies, Lexar and many more have been approaching us to be the authourised reseller for their products.